There is a nightmare in thatJalal al-Din is in his tent. Your wife comes and says,My lion son.Jalal al-Din says what happened,Wow? What’s wrong with you?
Your courage is like a hurricane.That’s why I don’t care.
Jalal al-Din says don’t worry about anything.There are so many types it’s hard to say
Jalal al-Din says, “O Allah, come and spend the evening with your loved ones.”
All the people in the family would be sour when they ate
Are And have a lot of conversations with one or two heads.During the meal, Jalal al-Din says,Envoys in my Sultan!
I want to join the delegation.
Sultan Allauddin says, “No, you cried in the palace.”Jalaluddin after not eating
They come to their tents and say That you heard, the wise man, Baba forbade me from joining the delegation of ambassadors.
Oz luck with that
The king was happy.Because Mir Baba told me to cry.My heart does not need the love of the throne.
Only and only Allah in my heart
There is love
Jalaluddin says, I know That you are eager to see Genghis Khan from afar.
But when Timur
When you come to the country, you will know.Jalal al-Din says that if I had found Genghis, I would have known the devil inside him.
Early morning
Timur’s country does not go to Genghis with its soldiers.On the way, the spa says,Timur Sahab! You’re welcome
I jumped.You said yes!I know them by all means I am afraid of what they will say.
Jalal al-Din Sahib in so many
See you in the road And Timur says to Malik: We will go with you.Then Jalaluddin and Timur did not go to Malik Genghis
Are done.Every country is talking to its sisters-in-law about the relationship of Jalaluddin’s master.
That’s one letter
Is In which Jalal al-Din Sahib! Has written That I am going to join the delegation of ambassadors.
She said angrily to her daughter-in-law
Jalaluddin will join the delegation of envoys.Jalaluddin’s father says,When Sultan Ala-ud-Din found out, he did a lot
There will be anger.
You call the queen Only you, as the parent can know for sure.Every Jalaluddin, Timur Malik and his
The soldiers arrive at the same place.Jalal al-Din sees that two men are abusing a woman.
Strike the sword with your sword
Give And save the woman.Then one day he is looking at the whole scene and says Rejuvenate a brave guest like you
I will be happy.
Jalaluddin sits next to him And they say who are they and where are they going?The original
I, Genghis Khan!I am going home after selling my merchandise.Then he asks who you are,And
Where are you going It is called Jalal al-Din I am one of the envoys of Sultan Alauddin I am going to Genghis Khan.
Then a spa comes and says We have to go and see.You get up and leave.The night is on your head
I cry Every queen gets up from there and goes to Sultan Ala-ud-Din.And she says you are tired.Sultan Ala-Din says
I don’t have time to relax.We have to pitch the tent of Jalal al-Din.Sultan Ala
Al-Din says you are right.Will do The queen tells the sultan that Jalaluddin has joined the delegation of emissaries.
Are Sultan Allauddin stands up in anger.The Queen puts her hand on Sultan’s shoulder and says,Go from him
Let’s find out what the fire is.Upon hearing this, the Sultans became silent.Every morning, Timur Malik is in the morning
They do not go to Genghis Khan.After a while you reach the country of Genghis Khan And as soon as he arrived, he saw that he was the son of Genghis
Ja ji khan!He is killing innocent people.In it, the Mongol army makes a noise Who will rule this world?soldier
Those who apply now, Genghis Khan!In so doing, Genghis Khan came out of his tent and said That is the envoys of Sultan Alauddin
Welcome!As soon as Jalal-ud-Din sees it, he becomes convinced that it is the same.Negus Timur is called Malik You are far away
Come on in, take a look.There is an invitation for you to eat at night.

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