Every Jalal-ud-Din is talking about the assassination of Bakr, so there is only one soldier in it.And he says, “Jalal al-Din says, ‘What has happened?’

The military says that Hussein al-Din has joined forces with the Taliban.And Izz al-Din’s son is also on his way to join a Turkish woman.

Jalal al-Din says, “Where is Timur al-Mulk?” The spa says, “Hasa al-Din has been stopped.”

Jalaluddin tells the soldiers to take this message to Timor-Leste and says that no one knows this message except me.

Do not read it before Timur al-Malik.

The spa says the order! The spa goes.

Jalaluddin calls Nizamuddin in his room I will go to the women of Tarkan. I will try to change their minds.

Nizamuddin says that Shahzad’s wish is to have his wish fulfilled.

But it is difficult for women to change their minds.

Jalal al-Din says I do not believe,But I have to do six. Then Jalaluddin gives a letter and says But I have to do six. Then Jalaluddin gives a letter and says

Nizamuddin says I am sure this is for the benefit of the state but Sultan!Jalal al-Din says that as soon as you read it, tell the Sultan about it.They will allow him to enter

On both sides, Genghis’s soldiers encircle Jahangir twice and take him to Genghis.

Every Jalaluddin does not go to the Queen with his soldiers.

As soon as Jalal al-Din arrives, he says, “This is my sword.”

It is made up of tears and hopes of Muslims. I have reserved this sword for Genghis Khan.

Do you want me to kill my father with this sword?

I want to conquer the world with this sword.

You say I should use it against my grandmother.

Jalaluddin says I swear by Allah that I have come here for reconciliation.

So what do women say about what they are doing?

How dare you take my clothes off my chest and throw arrows at it?

This is what you are talking about when my faithful soldiers were arrested.

Jalaluddin says you told the truth.

I just wanted to know who was with me,Are you angry with me Do you want revenge on me? So here it is,You can’t mark my chest with arrows.

But the queen turns away from the war.

Jalal al-Din says, “Okay, I’ll meet you on the battlefield now.”

Then Jalal al-Din leaves there.

Each of the sultans goes to war with Timor-Leste to defend their war.

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