On the other side, the two women call Shams-ud-Din and Raz-ul-Shah in their rooms.

۔ The third woman is called Shams-ud-Din They sent you from there with Nizamuddin Talk to you soon and keep up the good content.

Shams-ul-Din says in my opinion He is talking about Jalaluddin.

You’re a real spit fire and that’s exactly what we like on this site CC! She says to Azlak Shah.

Where were you last night Then she says I want to make you a sultan.

“I needed a lot of time to get rid of my hundreds,” says Azlakshah.

Then Azlak Shah says I want to relax in the queen On both sides, Jalal al-Din surrounds Ali Khan with his troops.

And they say that you have betrayed the state.

You were punished for it.

Jalaluddin is taking Ali Khan prisoner.

At that moment, Genghis Khan’s army attacked them.

During this time, only Jalal al-Din and Ali Khan’s troops were wounded.

And he runs away in the morning.Then Jalal al-Din is called his spa I will take them with me to the village, I will go to the palace and send them to the sage.

On both sides, the killings take place outside Bakr Palace So Fashkh Shah follows them

The murderer goes to Bakr, Bahram’s house.

When they see Fashkh Shah, they understand Kill the killer Bakr Ghad

Then they return to the palace twice.

On either side of Bahram comes an old woman She tells me that I have been called to the palace.

However, he says who has been called.

The woman says that she has called a woman to come out of the palace.

Then the woman leaves.

Then the woman goes to the palace And they give snakes to another soldier.

The soldier leaves the snake in the killer’s room.

Jalaluddin arrives at the palace on both sides And then they go to Sultan Alauddin.

Then the sultans meet Allauddin and start with all the events.

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