The Nazarenes at the beginning of this post call the Sultan!A madrasah that became the center of knowledge.

So that people can find good doctors The children get a good education.

What do you want?The Sultan says that this is my dream.

Then the sultan says, “No, I have given it to you.”It doesn’t matter.

After a while, the Sultan’s condition deteriorated.

Sultan! This is called a car You know what to do if you are attacked.

Then the Sultan says you are unaware of a secret.

“Tell me, Sultan,” said the carpenter.The Sultan says he will tell you when the time comes.

Then the Sultan would say Yes, my time has come And I entrust this state to you.

Then the sultans die.Then the son of the Sultan becomes enthroned.

About six years later, Sultan Ghias al-Din ascended the throne.

The two sides are talking and talking to each other Are Akhi Sahib says there is only a little work left.

You have done your duty.The carpenter says that he remembers his faith.

Akhi Sahib says I will meet my son before the war.

Then it is said that Ustad Ko Bali raised his son in the palace of Noyan.

They will bring it to you.Carrata says why this whole game Is?

So many soldiers come in and say On the orders of Sultan Ghias-ul-Din, I arrested him.

What are you saying? The army says they are obliged to go to Mongolia for Bali.

And it is a betrayal of the state.Then They say Amir.

The car is silent. The car is called a spa Wait a little longer Then they call you
One of the secrets must be protected.

Which will bring your son his past.

Akhi Sahib says if he finds out that he Your style is rich.

So he will definitely help us.

He says he will have a phoenix on his neck

He used to say sahib At the moment I have to sacrifice.

Then the soldiers take Ahi Sahib to life.s

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