At the beginning of this episode, Nazreen calls her nine sons And he says what to do if you catch a traitor before the war.

Then everyone gives their opinion.

Then he brings them out and sees them.

He puts the bow in their hands and then tells them that the traitor and no one else is your teacher.

Then their teacher says that the way I have taught you The punishment for betraying the state is death.

Then they all kill their teacher.Then the nine or so gives it a head start.

He gives his sons the head of this traitor and says Let the Seljuks come to the Sultan. Then they come to the Sultan.

Leave it at that.”We drop our swords when we are in our dream,” says Tae.

He says only two people can go inside.Then they both go inside and say to the Sultan This is the treachery you sent to us.

Then the sultans say, “You traitors, reduce the search and prepare for war.”

He sees the mark on the neck of the car The sign was told by Akhi

It turns out that this is my son.Then they all leave the Mongols.

A few days later, the two armies face each other And then the war is declared And the war begins.

Sultan Ghias al-Din sees that the army of Nawyan is retreating.

The Sultan orders all his troops to advance Kakara says it

The whole thing is a war game.Sultan says I know better.

Then he is the one who says what he is doing.

In this way, the newcomer attacks twice with his own army.

From which only the soldiers are killed.

Then Sultan runs away and wakes up and kills his son with a green arrow.And he becomes a polygamist.

He takes his son from there.Then he comes to his senses.

He asks where I am and starts attacking.The car comes and says if you want answers to your questions.

So change your clothes and come with me.

Then the two of them go there and the marks on his neck appear in childhood.

And everything from that Or comes.Then they say to the carpenter, “What do you want from me?”

He says our country is on you.This is your hometown.

He says, “Everything is new to me.” Then he goes away.

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