Nazarin goes to the beginning of this episode.

Because his friends are imprisoned there.

They go there without leaving.They enter the palace.

Then they are waiting for the sleep of their soldiers.

In the morning It seems And it is time for the soldiers to sleep.

After a while, the soldiers fall asleep.

Then Singer takes the key to the kitchen from them And it starts to get lost.

Two soldiers come from behind and place swords on his neck.

But Singer kills these soldiers with his bravery.

So many more spas are coming.He kills them too.

Then he starts to take the knife, then he puts the dagger in his hand And she says who are you?

Singer turns back and Rana says what are you doing here.

He says I have come to release my two wives.

She says no, you are a liar.He says there is still no time to talk. Let’s go somewhere else.

She takes Sanjar away and they both hide in another room.

Then she says why are you here?

Sanjar says he will tell me everything in two days except for my dreams

He doesn’t believe it, then Sanjar puts a cloth on his face and makes him faint.

He comes to the restaurant from there He breaks the rope and takes it to his companions.

Then they leave and come to the market.

All the soldiers are looking for them everywhere.

On the other side, the sultans go hunting with their soldiers.

They are hunting here.From behind, a boy’s arrow pierces the sultan’s feet.

She was cutting the sultan, she kills him.

But all the soldiers catch him.

Then when the Sultan finds out, he orders the soldiers Leave it.

They leave it.Sultan says you should have come.

On the other side, Ur Ghosh belongs to the tribe of Sanjar And the arrow that kills the brother of Singer Yor Ghosh.

The goose enters his tent and shoots an arrow at his pillow.

And it goes away.When it is morning, sleep.

When you enter the tent When she sees the arrow, she is overwhelmed and comes to the tent of the head.

Tells them what happened Then she takes the arrow and comes to her son She tells him what happened.

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