At the beginning of this episode, Jafar joins his soldiers.The Ba’athists attack the ship.

Baba kills all the soldiers together with the army and the army.

Elias tells Jafar that we should see you today How are the lions of Agar Es?

Then Jafar is tied up.On both sides they go back and forth.

Then they come to the palace and celebrate.

Then he says to his friend That I have reserved this invitation especially for you.

“I like being alone,” he says.

He then tells them to get out of here.

Then he says I have one more thing to show you.

Then he commands them to come in.

Then some soldiers come in.He says who are they?

He says that these are the ones who will remove the strings on one of my fingers.

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

He says who is this Daco? He says you are.

From today, you are your spa.You are their head.

On the other side, Baba comes to Jafar and says Now tell me, for whom do you work?

Jaffer says I don’t work for anyone.

I did all this just to get my revenge.

They say you are not so brave yet.

Then they say, “Tell me who it is.”

With you? Jafar says I am telling the truth. I have done all this for revenge.

Baba says, “Tell me, what is the relationship with the leader?”

Jafar says I have nothing to do with it.

Then Baba kills Jafar and he falls down.

Then he picks it up and says I.

I am not killing you because you got on my ship I am killing you because you are a liar.

Then he says, “I have heard.”That they are more dangerous than people think.

If they want, they will make the seas a graveyard with them.

Then Jafar says that for you too, I love you!

I don’t even have a tornado. I’ll tell you when it breaks Whose graves will these seven seas be?

On both sides, Khidr, along with his soldiers, set out to destroy the ship.

There are soldiers who are there and then they have a fight.

Khidr is wounded but he still kills and destroys ships.

On the other hand, Khidr also gets a little injured.

Then he comes to Zainab Zainab treats it.

“Who are these people?” She asks This is what they want to believe.

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