At the beginning of this episode, the viewer says Baba Arj I know these nine who are very dear to you.

If I yours As long as I leave the evil ones, no one will call me Baba Arooj.

Then Baba Arooj kills him.Baba Arooj’s soldiers kill their bravery.

Baba destroys the soldiers of the black robbers forever.

Baba’s rise to prominence is like that of the commander of the dacoits.

Then Baba Urooj kills him with his bravery Hit and drop.

Then the spa stands down.

Baba says to Arooj, no one can save you from me In the meantime.

The black robbers arrive with their soldiers.

In the meantime, the black robbers arrive with their soldiers.

Elias is injured in a plane crash.

Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

She comes to the inn and drops the luggage on the table.

Then she says angrily, that you have sent Baba Urooj there knowingly.

Isabel says to Despina “You’re crazy,” Despina tells Izabel.

“You want to snatch Baba Arooj from me,” says Aza Bell to Despina.

If I had not done so, when would I have escaped your poison?

Agha Jan says that both of you should be silent.

Because Baba Arooj has put us all in a trance.

Agha Jaan says that we all have to work wisely.

What you both do does not beautify you both.

If you two argue like this, then Despina says to Aga Jaan.

That now we have to get out of here.

Waiting for the news about the rise that Baba is the rise Whether or not.

Despana tells Abel If you pray for your life, the heights will be fine, if not.

The hand that I raised will finish you and leave you alone.

Remember you and that’s what she leaves and says to Aza Bell Despina.



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