Viewers are told at the beginning of this episode what Mir Hazrat Baba says to Urooj.

That you drop your sword.

So they are running after that soldier, They say it is no more.

it is the same news of black robbers is left if it is here If we run away from.

It will not be safe for us So from Baba Urooj.

Mir Hazrat says that if you take even one step forward Then one of my hints will be put to death.

If you think it’s news, it won’t last long, Because my people have spread everywhere.

he cannot live long Because the lives of such people are very short.

Baba Urooj says that he came from Lemons.

Mir Hazrat Baba says to Arooj, “How dare you attack my own people?”

Mir Hazrat says that I came here to sleep.

What you brought from the lands of the Muslims.

If so, you can no longer escape my hands.

Whether he is your brother or Ottoman Baba Urooj says that your mind is bad.

you are thinking wrong I did not come to sleep.

but to save it So that they could not be taken away with him.

Then they say you are making a mistake.

Amir says that if this is the case So what do they want to prove to you by keeping you alive?

There is only one soldier who comes and says That he has killed two of our soldiers.

Then Amir says, “What are you doing here? Take your army and catch it.”

You see, let me go so I can catch him Is My spa is enough to catch him.

Karabay orders his soldiers Put him in prison.

It happens in a forest on both sides And Alifu surrounds them with his soldiers, says Alifu.

I will kill you in prison and you will kill me here.

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