At the beginning of this episode, Nazarene is accompanied by some of Alexander the Great.

He also has the gold that he has Taken from fur.

On the way, the commanders of the two armies are ambushing their soldiers.

They attack them. They kill all these people and take them, prisoner.

Arooj gets the news that he has been taken away.

He does not go to the rescue of his soldiers.

Along the way, they find the bodies of the people they kill.

He tells some of his soldiers to do the art.

He says we will grow up.

On the way, they are ambushed by Shahbaz’s soldiers And they attack them.

They are killing them with their bravery.

Shahbaz thinks he will kill his soldiers.

He shoots Aroj from behind And that bullet starts to go on the armpits.

Then Shahbaz runs away from there.

It is the soldiers of Arvaj and Ras who kill the soldiers of Shahbaz.

He says we have to go soon.

Then they go to the simple solution and get on a ship.

But no one is on board.

There is a ship in the sea.

Arj says that this ship belongs to them.

He says that the ship will move forward.

Only the armies of the Arabs begin to sail And they see that their ship has sunk.

The ship was full of water.

Or Ali arrives and tells Arwaj that the ships will comeCan’t grow.

Then he says to Ar-J, or Ali That until we get the news from there, we see the support here.

Because in our ships and ships, the cargo has been taken over by the rabbis.

Then the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

Which we achieved with our hard work Is.

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