At the beginning of this episode, the viewers are getting more and more acclaimed.

There is also Christianity.

They are all talking about Leonardo.

They say, “Peter, it’s all because of you.”

It also comes in handy.

Peter says how did you dare to take Leonardo captive?

He says that if you do not besiege Lesbos, I will kill him.

Peter says you can’t escape from here.

Arvaj says I have come here of my own free will and I will go of my own free will.

Peter tells his soldiers to catch him.

As the soldiers move forward, an explosion occurs.

He says if you have And either way your city will be destroyed.

The two commanders said, “We will kill you all.”

Then it goes away.

On both sides, along with Khidr Pierre, Maryam is taken away from there.

Then a soldier comes to Peter and says that Khidr Maryam has been taken.

Peter says go and follow them.

On both sides, they all come to Alexander the Great.

They meet there. He tells the carpenter that Arjuna has captured our main soldier.

If he does not leave us, we will attack Alexander.

They will destroy Alexandria. Caribe says that you should be calm.

Then the rabbi says that he will be punished for it.

Then they say that until we find Leonardo, our soldiers will be looking for him everywhere.

Then the carpenter comes to the court of the Arabs with his soldiers and says

Where is Leonardo hiding?

He says he is mine Do not have

He says you are behind this problem.

If you come in front of me you will be killed.

Corbeau tells his soldiers to search the mansion.

Arj says to go away and says my soldiers will go to their place.

Caribe’s soldiers then search the entire house, but Leonardo is not found in the courtyard.

Carbe’s soldiers come and tell Carbe that he is not here.

He says that he has found peace now.

Carreiro says I will definitely fight Leonardo.

The car then leaves with its soldiers.

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