At the beginning of this episode, Nazarene is looking for Shahbaz along with his soldiers.

Shahbaz is at home. He goes to his house with his soldiers.

But Shahbaz runs away.

He says that no matter what happens, he should not be afraid of words.

All the soldiers together are looking for him.

There are rumors circulating everywhere in Shahbaz.

They attack from all sides.

Then Shahbaz goes to a forest.

He goes after her with his soldiers.

There, Shahbaz’s troops surround Proj.

Then Shahbaz comes and says You took my head.

Now look, you are trapped in my net.

Then he fought there It starts.

Shahbaz secretly shoots at the top.

He sees that Shahbaz is shooting at him.

He runs away and comes face to face with her.

And the bullet would go into their chests.

Then Shahbaz’s brother says Ask forgiveness from those who come and go,

and they will forgive you.

Shahbaz gets angry and says.

That’s why I killed my father.

Now you are saying that I will apologize to them.

On hearing this, Shaheen gets angry and says

I will not leave you killed my father.

Khidr, Perry, and Nico come to hear the sound of Goli.

Seeing them, Shahbaz runs away.

He says, “I will catch them and bring them to you.”

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