Nazreen catches Khizr Shahbaz in the middle of this episode.

This eliminates all the clutter and clutter.

Then they cut off the head of Shahbaz and Gare Braille.

Then Kamal tells Rais that now we will conquer Maud.

Kamal Rais says the state is with you.

They say thank you very much! Then together they conquer the world and Make a plan.

On the other side of the river, there is a commotion with his soldiers.

When that solution When approaches, the soldiers stop him. He shoots and injures the soldiers.

Then he says to one of the soldiers: Tell him that the day has come.

The soldier comes to him and tells him everything.

“I go and get it from here,” says Perry.

Then Pierre brings the RSA to the top.

He asks, “Did you?”Why kill soldiers? He says he crossed the line.

Then Arj says why did you come here?

He says that he has come to take revenge.

You have shed blood on my island.

Now you will pay the price.

Khidr says what is your price? He says gold coins and rundles.

He says we will not give you anything.

He says, “Then we will fight and take everything from you.”

He says, “I give you the time of Calcutta.”

If you give it to them, I will take it with my sword.

Then he leaves.

He says that we will first conquer the world and then we will see the world.

The war between the two ends.

During this war, the Brahmins and the Kamalis conquered the enemy and martyred themselves.

Then Arwa and Khidr will join their soldiers in all the soldiers of Braille.

They are killed. And conquer Ramon.


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