At the beginning of this episode, Nazarin attacks Kalmad with his soldiers.

He kills special soldiers like Ar-Jaw and Khidr.

Then he binds Mary, Izabel, Asma, and Rahma Khala.

When he came back after conquering Ar-Jaw and Khidr come.

Then they see if the words have been destroyed or not.

Khidr says that this is necessary work.

Then he tells his soldiers where to go and look for them.

Khidr says we will take account of it from him.

The spas come And they tell the petitioner that the three women are nowhere to be found.

Then they ask people, where are the women?

People say that The day or the night has been closed.

Then he said to his soldiers, “We will go to Dan or Go.”

You will save your wife from them.

The soldiers prepare and start.

Then he met with Arwa J, Khidr and Ra Lia Sa, and Pir Rais They make tax plans.

“We will go to Alzheimer’s first,” he said.

And yes, I have friends who will help us.

The soldier comes in and says that we have made preparations.

Then he says we have to get out now.

Then he went to Al-Jazeera They do not happen.

On the other hand, he says to his brother That all these women will be sent to Badshah.

Begin its preparations. As soon as the sun goes down, Arwa and its soldiers reach Al-Jazeera.

Prince Ada Saleem Tami Welcomes.

Then he takes them to the palace.

Then he asks, “What can I do for you?”

Then he tells us that God has taken care of our wives.

We have come to take revenge on her and to take our wives.

We need your help with this.

“I trade with him,” says Saleem I can’t help you with that.

If I help you, God will not leave me.


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